Getting Started
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Step 1 - Gather supplies
Dried or preserved flowers and a container
from Creative By Nature HOME

The following items can be found at any craft store:
Florists' Foam
Glue gun with glue sticks
Florists' tape
Spanish or Sheet Moss
Pruning Shears
Creative by Nature Home
Step 2 - Cut the foam to fit the container
The foam does not have to fit exactly in the container. It should be snug and make contact in multiple places. The foam can be even or a little below or above the top of the container depending on the design of the final arrangement. For larger containers the scraps removed from the foam can be used to fill in gaps.
Creative by Nature Home
Step 3 - Glue in the foam
Put a generous amount of glue on the foam where it will contact the contaner. Press the foam in the container and hold in place for a few seconds while the glue cools.
Creative by Nature Home
Step 4 - Cover with moss
Place a thin layer of Spanish moss (or sheet moss) over the top of the container. It is best to use floral pins to secure the moss, however a little hot glue can also be used. Make sure the moss reaches the edges of the container. The moss covers the mechanics of your creation and gives a finished, professional look.
Creative by Nature Home
Step 5 - Cut the flowers
Cut the stems of the flowers you are going to use in the arrangement. Make sure they are long enough to securely hold the flower in the foam and still provide the desired height. If the stem is too short floral tape can be used to secure it to a scrap stem or stick. Cutting the stems at an angle will make inserting them in the foam easier
Creative by Nature Home
Step 6 - Place the flowers in the container
Decide on the final height of your arrangement and start in the center. Work outward toward the edges and push the stems into the foam, being careful to leave some space in between each flower. The spaces can be filled in with the leftover pieces. Look at the arrangement from all angles to be sure it is aestetically pleasing.
Creative by Nature Home
Step 7 - Display and enjoy
Congratulations! You just finished your first floral arrangement.

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