Virtual Jewelry

Put on some good music, light your favorite candle, and get some virtual shopping done! You will find 90% of our store in the videos on this and the other pages. Have fun looking and please text us at 704-302-4363 or 704-719-6441 with any questions or orders!!

We will be in the store to shop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



1. Please text (704)302-4363 or (704)719-6441 your name, address for delivery and email address where we can send an invoice.

2. Try and keep your delivery address no more than 25 miles from the store. If you are farther, just text and we can try and work something out.

3. We will be happy to text you more detailed pictures of specific items you see in the videos. We do understand that walking through virtually makes it harder to catch the details of items. If you don’t see an item you know we have, just ask!

4. Once your list is complete and we have all your items, we will send an invoice to your email provided through square. Once it’s paid, we’ll try and deliver your items within 3 business days!

5. Is any item a gift? Let us know and we’ll send bags and tissue with your order!